Slum   Soul

There are places of silence under the skin of the known world, spaces where the voice of god, any kind of god, has remained silent. The slums are land of dust and smoke. Living in the metropolis slums has reached striking poverty levels. In 2007, for the first time in human history, the urban population became the majority of the world. Over threeand half billion people live in cities and their number is growing every day more than 100,000. The 19 mega-citiesover 10 million people will become 26 in 2025. There is no doubt that population growth will be a environmental problem, and that another problem, this time social one, is consuming around two billion people living in the slums. The high housing density, the price of apartments and the lack of governmental support programs, are the main reasons that obliged these persons to live in inhuman conditions, literally inventing a space where to live. Along the railway escarpment, sometimes even on the rails, or along the town drainage channels, large dwelling areas have mushroomed, with no basic service nor a decent hygiene and cleanliness standard. Wooden and metal sheds, in the worst cases simple mattresses to sleep and a piece of nylon as a protection against monsoons, are what this people call “home”.

                                                                                                                                         P I C T U R E S