Escape from the Walls

When the barricades erected to defend the freedom of an entire people, move back, closing to grip on themselves, they lose their effectiveness and turn into bars of jail. Think about  the Burmese people as a free people is almost a utopia. Walls. Concrete walls, walls of words, walls of thoughts. Like impassable border, the elements that seem to be congenital in the history of Burma are just the walls. In a country such as the armored Myanmar, where people are free to do and think only  what is imposed by the military junta, the only way to freedom is to flee. They are trying to rebuild a new form of freedom in other lands, in other countries. Often, however, the situation does not improve too much. In Malaysia, the Burmese refugees of Chin state, living in hiding in the abandoned buildings of  Kuala Lumpur and a camp in the jungle. This community, mostly Catholic, organized in the C.R.C. association, arranging the subsistence and organization of its population with schools and services at UNHRC. This work aims to focus the gaze on the walls of isolations which confine the ideas, opinions and daily life of this people.

                                                                                                                                         P I C T U R E S