Bitter Skies Glue Moon

Along the border between Thailand and Cambodia, powerful criminal organizations do big business with casinos, prostitution  and paedophilia. Cambodian girls and boys from poor families are  actually bought to be exploited in the  Thai prostitution circuit . Moreover, extreme poorness leads many young persons to find a refuge in drugs. They are called smoking glue boy,   boys and girls walking in the darkness sniffing glue. They move like ghosts clasping a bottle in their hands  as it was a destiny they cannot abandon.  Like the beam of a lighthouse, in the darkness of the Cambodian flatland, the Damnok Toek NGO proposes as a reference point to rescue these persons. This NGO works with specialized operators  through a series of specific programs addressed to rebuilt a new future for these persons.  The work begins at the countryside where they try to convince the families at risk to send their children to the downtown schools,  and it continues in the evening along the poor and degraded  streets along the casino walls. Damnok Toek, proposes reintegration programs for all the children victims of the human being trade. There are various classes with specific programs, social reintegration playing activities  and skilled teachers following the most difficult cases. This work of mine has the purpose to tell about  this dark area of the geographic map  that concerns two of the main South East Asia countries.  The black border line that in this case is not just a cartographic line  but an actual living condition for many persons. This is the dark side of this so evident part showing  itself on the sexual tourism  scenario of the main Asian tourist places. This project wishes to underline the precious work carried out by the  Damnok Toek NGO staff who, in the silence, try to deviate the course of events  to propose anew hope to these persons.

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